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Magnetitc Field horse Treatment Blanket
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Magnetitc Field horse Treatment Blanket Kategorie: Reitsportartikel & Pferdezubehör
The ele csystem Large Surfaced
Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy
Blanket not only for HORSES but also
This is the new trendy jeans look of
the high quality elec system- HORSE
THERAPY BLANKET with Large Surfaced
Pulsating Magnetic Fields.
The therapy blanket is placed on the
trunk, just like a regular horse
blanket. It is equipped with
integrated pulsating magnetic field
applicators which allow an overall
treatment of the horses’ trunk. The
therapeutic effect can benefit all
horses - from pleasure, to race
horses, or Olympic horses in every
discipline. The Therapy Blanket is
tailored to fit around a horse's body
with a strap crossing underneath the
belly to secure the blanket yet
allowing the horse to move.
Just take off the integrated Pulsating
Magntic Field applicators and you can
wash the blanket.
Also small animals (dogs, cats, birds)
benefit from the elec system hightech
PEMF horsetherapy blanket.
This is a very appropriate economical
solution – treat both, horses and
small animals just with the same elec
system Pulsating Magnetic Field
Therapy PEMF-modality.
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